Sony a6400


Make Better Videos from Start-to-Finish

Best Video Settings for the Sony a6400

No more second guessing which settings to use. Get out of Auto and make better videos with the Sony a6400.
Magic Settings
Auto Mode
Auto Mode
Magic Settings

27 YouTube Filming Scenarios

Learn by example. Follow along as I show you how to set up your Sony a6400 for 27 different YouTube scenarios.

Interactive Walkthrough Guide

No more fumbling through menus. See exactly which buttons to press and which settings are best.

Printable Cheat Sheets Included

Each scenario includes a simple, easy-to-follow printable cheat sheet to help you setup your Sony a6400.

Super Simple Video Setup

A learn-by-example, connect the dots type of way to quickly setup your Sony a6400 for YouTube, vlogs, video podcasts, livestreams, social media and much more.

Step-by-step Guided Camera Setup

Settings for 27 YouTube Scenarios

Simple & Straight-to-the-Point

As Easy as "Copy & Paste"

Free Updates & Support

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Yes! Pay once and you’ll have lifetime access.
Can I access the course on my phone or tablet?
Yes! It’s fully compatible on mobile phones, tablets and computers. You can even save the course to your home screen for easy access.
How do I print the included cheat sheets?
Just click the “Print” button on any video scenario for a printer friendly cheat sheet.
Do you offer any refunds?
Yes, of course! If for some reason you're not happy, I’ll gladly refund your purchase no questions asked.
Do you offer any support?
Absolutely! I’m available weekdays, 8am to 5pm (CST) at
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🤟 25% Discount for Students,
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