Howdy, I’m Moose!

So with this being my about page, I should probably tell you a little sumthin’ about myself.

My formal name is Dusty, but friends and family call me Moose. It’s a nickname I earned in college by an awesome photography teacher of mine who taught me the craft and patience of developing film.

I’m nothing without my family. They are my biggest fans. My bride and three baby boys mean more to me than anything else. Each day I wake up blessed, knowing I get to spend it with them.

Moose's Family

What free time I do have is dedicated to this site and my passion for photography. If you’re just starting out in the world of photography and are looking to get to know your camera, then is your new secret hangout spot!

Think of Camera Tips as the beginners only tree house in a backyard filled with photographers of all skill levels. Beginner photographers are encouraged to enter this awesome hangout with me and my friends as we explore the wonderful world of cameras and digital photography.

I recently started a YouTube channel and have been adding videos to it weekly, you can subscribe here.

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Feel like traveling back in time? If so, continue reading…

I’ve been a photographer all my life. Rumor has it, I snapped off a few photos with an oldĀ Canon AE-1 film camera when I was 2 years old. However, nobody told me to remove the lens cap. :)

Growing up, I was always fascinated with cameras…my mother would say obsessed.

While other kids asked Santa for Red Ryder BB guns and Barbies, I was wishing for more 110 cartridge film to feed my Kodak Ektralite 10 camera.

Some of the most memorable images I ever took were shot with “imaginary” film. Needless to say, I wore out the flash mechanism and shutter button in record time.

Early on I inherited the role as resident technical expert for my family. Anytime my parents had questions about aperture, shutter speed and other camera settings…they relied on the advice of a 7 year old. :)

Over the years I got pretty good at assisting family and friends with their photography questions.

This passion for helping those close to me, led to the creation of where I help people from all across this beautiful planet with tips and advice on digital cameras and photography.

Thanks for visiting!

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