Moose’s Cheat Cards for Beginners

Nikon D7200 Cheat Sheet for Portraits and Nature Photography

It’s time to clear your mind. Seriously. Forget all the photography mumbo jumbo you’ve been stuffing it with and let’s start from scratch.

I’ll give you a moment to reboot. Ah, that’s better.

You don’t need to fully comprehend every aspect of photography or your camera in order to capture beautiful photos.

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Moose's Custom Settings

In the beginning, it’s much more important to have fun and to exercise your creative spirit. Remember preschool? I mean it. Don’t get lost in the technical details. If you do, you’ll burn out in frustration and you’ll end up hating your camera.

Rather than struggling to retain a bunch of technical knowledge about your camera and photography, I created simple cheat sheets that show you the exact
settings I use for a variety of subjects and scenes.

I call them Cheat Cards.

Sample Nikon D5500 Cheat Sheet

Each Cheat Card is focused on a specific scenario, with easy step-by-step instructions written for absolute newbies, moms, dads, sons, daughters, bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, artists and creatives.

The settings in each Cheat Card are custom tailored to your camera and select lenses, which eliminates any guesswork on your part.

Best of all, you can take them with you wherever you go.

Canon T6s (760D) Cheat Sheet for Food and Landscape Photography

They can be printed at home or viewed digitally on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire or desktop computer. Stop overthinking and start shooting!

Available Cheat Card Packs

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The funds I earn from these Cheat Cards go directly to supporting my young family (wife & three baby boys). As many of you know, I’m a one man operation. I don’t have a staff or a team. Everything is done by me in my spare time (after work and family). To have so much kindness poured out on me, is quite overwhelming…in a good way. Thanks so much for your love and support! :)

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