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Moose's Cheat Cards for Canon, Nikon & Sony

Instantly setup your Canon, Sony or Nikon camera with confidence and level up the quality of your photos with my simple, step-by-step Cheat Cards.

✨ Downloadable & Printable Cheat Sheets

Created by Dusty "Moose" Winans

Best Settings for Portraits & Parties

🏆 Best Settings for Canon, Nikon & Sony

No more second guessing which settings to use. My Cheat Cards for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras will show you how to focus accurately, freeze fast motion and capture images you can be proud of.

Auto Mode Moose's Custom Settings

📷 Your Shortcut to Better Photos

My Cheat Cards for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras show you exactly how to setup your camera to take sharper, brighter and more dynamic photos.

Canon Rebel T7 2000D Photos

💎 Crisp, Sharp & Colorful

Auto Mode is inconsistent and unreliable. My Cheat Cards for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras will give you full control over autofocus, exposure and white balance, producing bright, sharp and vibrant images in-camera.

Auto ModeMoose's Custom Settings

🚀 Get Out of Auto, Instantly

Auto Mode struggles under difficult lighting. My Cheat Cards for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras will show you how to correct color with the right white balance, limit the effects of high ISO noise and creatively control depth-of-field.

Auto ModeMoose's Custom Settings

😊 Awesome Support

The funds I earn from these Cheat Cards help support my growing family. As a thank you, I'll be here for you whenever you get stuck. You can email me anytime at support@cameratips.com.

Moose's Family

🪄 Instant Access

Download my Cheat Cards instantly and bring them with you wherever you go. They can be viewed digitally on all of your devices (even offline) or printed at home.

Best Settings for Portraits & Parties
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Sony Cheat Cards

My 🪄🎬 Magic Video Settings for the Sony a6400 is now available! It’s a great resource for YouTube video creators and aspiring filmmakers.

Canon Cheat Cards

Nikon Cheat Cards