Canon 60D Tips & Tricks for Beginners

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This online resource is a collection of my personal insights and experiences with the Canon EOS 60D, organized into an easy-to-understand guide full of tips, tricks and advice.

Canon EOS 60D Tips & Tricks

Howdy! I want to welcome you to my corner of the web where you’ll find helpful how to’s, tutorials and recommendations for the Canon 60D all written by me, Moose Winans.

This in-depth guide is primarily meant for beginners, newbies and novices. If you don’t fall into one of these categories you’re more than welcome to hangout here…just understand that I’ll be leaving out the lengthy technical explanations.

If you’re new around these parts, I encourage you to bookmark this page and come back from time to time. Happy shooting! :)

News & Notes

NEW! Memory Card Info (April 6, 2012) – I had some requests to put together a memory card guide, detailing image/video capacity, class ratings, etc… So like a genie in a bottle, your wish has been granted (wow, that was cheesy). Check out my in-depth memory card write-up. Happy shooting! :)

NEW! 60D Forum Growing Leaps and Bounds (April 5, 2012) – If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend checking out the Canon 60D forum for beginners. Over the last few weeks, there have been wonderful discussions around a variety of topics (gear, settings, tricks, issues, etc…) surrounding the 60D. It’s a fantastic learning tool…and hey, you’ll be in good company. :)

60D Forum Moved (February 15, 2012) – Due to the massive amount of comments I received on the 60D discussion page, I created an actual forum that can handle the number of discussions we’ve got going. All future questions and comments will need to be posted in the new forum. To visit the new Canon 60D forum, click here.

Updated Design and Layout (February 14, 2012) – Whoa! Check it out. The Canon 60D Tips pages here at Camera Tips are now sporting a new look. I’m currently working on getting the new design live throughout the site, but you 60D owners can go ahead and get settled in.

All you dude’s and dudettes who aren’t on Facebook, I highly recommend you take a few minutes and check out my official Canon 60D Tips Facebook page. It’s got tons of great tips, tricks and helpful info for the 60D, not found anywhere else on the web. FYI…you don’t need to be a facebook member to view the page.

If you’re wondering about the commenting form, I’ve it disabled for the time being. If you’d like to add a comment or ask a question, you can connect with me on: Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

P.S. You can reward me by using your shutter clicking skills on the Google +1 button. In return, I'll cook up more tips and tricks to share with you. Thanks for your support! :)
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