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Want to learn the basics of your camera so you can go out and take awesome pictures? Here you'll find a collection of my best camera tips, tricks and settings, organized into an easy-to-understand online guide.


Howdy partner! I want to welcome you to my corner of the web. If you’re new around these parts, you’re probably wondering who I’am and what this site is about.

To sum it up for you, I’m a father of two, an aspiring gentleman and a photographer all rolled into one who likes to help beginners who have a passion for photography. Here at Camera Tips I focus on showing you the best settings, tips and tricks for your camera, rather than overwhelming you with technical photography terms and photographic rules.

To get started, check out the Tips & Tricks section below. If you feel like getting the latest scoop on what’s new with me, scroll down a bit more to the News & Notes section. Want to say howdy? Then connect with me in the forums or on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Tips & Tricks


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