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Which image quality setting should you use? RAW or JPEG?

To put it simply, JPG’s are processed in-camera so that you can easily share and print the images without doing anything else. Think of it like an OREO cookie that is ready to eat. The camera mixes a certain amount of saturation, contrast, sharpness and color temp, then bakes the image for you.

RAW’s on the other hand are unedited originals that need to be processed before they can be shared or printed. Think of it like a bunch of ingredients. You’re in charge of mixing the ingredients (saturation, contrast, sharpness, color temp, etc.), which gives you more control over the final output. Additionally, RAW files contain much more image data, which allows you to correct mistakes, like toning down an overexposed (bright) photo and retaining detail in those areas.

Watch the video for a side-by-side comparison between RAW and JPG, along with my thoughts on which one you should use.

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