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Best SD Memory Card for the Sony a6000

Find out which SD memory card is best for the Sony a6000.

The Sony a6000 is compatible with Sony MemoryStick cards and SD memory cards with a Class 4 rating or higher. I don’t recommend getting a Sony MemoryStick card in case you ever decide to switch camera brands.

Having tested a number of different SD memory cards on the Sony a6000, I highly recommend getting a 64GB card with a Class 10 rating and 80 MB/s transfer speeds if you want to utilize all the features and functions of the a6000, specifically high quality video. A 64GB memory card is required for recording video in the highest quality XAVC S file format.

I recommend the SanDisk Ultra 64GB 80 MB/s card.

While you won’t notice a performance difference in using faster cards on the Sony a6000, you will notice a huge difference when transferring data from the card to your computer or laptop.

I tested three other memory cards that were progressively faster and more expensive. You won’t notice any performance differences on the Sony a6000, however, you will notice a huge difference when transferring data to your computer. So if you’re regularly filling up your memory card and transferring photos or videos to your computer, then you can cut down that transfer time by using a faster card. Here are the three I recommend…

In order to transfer faster memory cards like the SanDisk Extreme Pro 300 MB/s card, you’ll need a fast memory card reader. I use the SanDisk ImageMate Pro which can transfer data up to 350 MB/s.

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