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Long Exposure Tutorial

Shoot From The Hip, Episode #7

One of my favorite photography tricks is long exposure. With long exposure, you can blur moving subjects to get a really creative look.

Whether you want to capture a silky smooth waterfall, clouds streaking across the sky or even taillights of cars passing by, long exposure can make a boring scene…awesome.

In this episode, I head out after a storm to capture some dramatic landscapes. By the time I got to the location, the ominous clouds had moved out of the area. Rather than packing in the towel, I go searching for something else to shoot.

After walking through a muddy, spider infested forest, I decided to get off the trail and find a good long exposure scene. When I got to my car, I saw a dam in the distance and drove a bit closer to check it out.

I found a good spot, setup my camera and composed a simple, minimalist view of a wall near the dam. With the help of a steady tripod and a B+W 3.0 ND filter, I was able to slow down my shutter speed to 30 seconds and capture the clouds streaking across the sky.

I then converted the photo to monochrome, which works well for long exposure landscapes in the middle of the day.

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Happy clicking!

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