Canon EOS 60D Photo & Video Resource

Canon 60D Accessories


In the beginning I always recommend starting with the essential accessories; a good memory card and a great starter lens. Once you’ve got the essentials, you’ll have everything you need to start shooting.

Memory Card: There are many different types and brands of memory cards out there. The 60D is compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards. Now if you plan on using the HD video feature, I can tell you right now that you’ll need a memory card with a Class rating of 6 or higher. I highly recommend going for a Class 10 card as there have been issues with the video not recording correctly on Class 6 cards due to a high buffer rate. As for brands…it’s more of a personal preference, but I like Lexar, SanDisk and Transcend cards. For more info, check out my memory card roundup for the 60D.

Lenses: As for lenses, in the beginning you’ll want to start with a lens that allows you to shoot many different types of subjects. All-in-one lenses like the Tamron 18-270mm or the Canon 18-200mm are great for beginners. They allow you to shoot everything from wide-angle to telephoto all with one lens. As you grow, you can purchase lenses that are dedicated to the types of photography you’re interested in.

If you have a 60D kit, chances are you’ve got the 18-135mm lens or the 18-200mm lens. Both lenses offer a good zoom range and image stabilization built-in to help reduce camera shake. Naturally, the 18-200mm lens has a slightly farther reach than the 18-135mm lens. If you’re wondering about purchasing an additional lens, think about the types of subjects or photography that you’re interested in.

A popular compliment lens, is the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. This lens is priced around $100 bucks and is fantastic for portraits and low light shooting. The f/1.8 aperture will allow you to isolate your subject while capturing silky smooth backgrounds. This effect is also very desirable to those who want to capture semi-pro HD video with only a small area in focus.

Secondary Essentials

After purchasing the essentials (memory card and lens), you may want to consider investing in what I call the secondary essentials; a tripod, a protective travel case/bag, a spare battery and cleaning tools (blower and brush).

Tripod: I would start with the 62-inch Proline tripod and ball head. It’s a fantastic starter tripod that will allow you to get your hands off the 60D for tack sharp shots.

Case/Bag: There are many bags and cases to choose from. It really depends on your specific needs and how many lenses you own or would like to take with you when traveling with your gear.

Spare Battery: At some point you’ll forget to charge the battery sitting in your 60D and an important moment will arise. Make sure you have at least one spare LP-E6 battery laying around that you can grab in a moments notice.

Cleaning tools: Get yourself a Giottos rocket air blaster and a lens pen brush. I use the two tools every single day to get dust and lint off my lenses and camera gear. You don’t need to use any liquid solution when cleaning, just good ole’ air and brush action.