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Custom Camera Settings for Canon, Sony & Nikon Cameras

DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Settings for Photography

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See exactly which buttons to press and which settings are best to take better pictures with your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera.

Sample Cheat Sheet
Best Settings for Portraits & Parties

✨ Take Better Pictures In-Camera

Start-to-Finish photo “recipes” for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras to help you take sharper, brighter and more dynamic images.

Cheat Card Example Photos

🪄 Digital & Printable Cheat Cards

Bring my settings with you wherever you go. My Cheat Cards can be viewed digitally on all of your devices (even offline) or printed at various sizes.

Best Settings for Landscapes & Food

🌒 Get Out of Auto, Instantly

Auto Mode looks for the brightest parts of a scene and often leaves the primary subject dark and dreary. It also limits your creative control over autofocus, color temperature and depth of field (front-to-back sharpness).

Auto Mode
Moose's Custom Settings

🌝 Shortcut to Better Settings

My Custom Camera Settings put you in control of exposure, white balance and autofocus, so that your images come out sharp, bright and colorful.

Auto Mode
Moose's Custom Settings

📷 Start-to-Finish Camera Setup

No more second guessing which settings to use. Setup your camera with confidence and instantly level up the quality of your photos.

Auto Mode
Moose's Custom Settings

✨📷 Available Cheat Cards

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