Nikon D3100: Shooting in Black & White

Nikon D3100 Black and White Photography

You have a couple options for producing photos in black and white with the Nikon D3100. You can shoot in color and convert the photo to black and white or you can shoot in black and white without any additional steps.

Shoot in Black and White

When shooting in P, S, A or M modes you can activate Black and White shooting by…

  1. Accessing the MENU
  2. Navigating to the Shooting Menu
  3. Highlighting Picture Control
  4. Selecting the Monochrome (MC) option
Nikon D3100 Black and White

See page 94 of the D3100 manual for more details.

Convert a Color Photo to Black and White

Retouch Monochrome - Nikon D3100This method is more involved, but it ensures you have a colored version and a B&W version.

  1. Press the MENU button, then select the Retouch Menu tab (paint brush icon)
  2. Highlight Monochrome, then press the right arrow button on the multi selector
  3. Highlight a picture, then press the OK button
  4. Highlight Black and white, then press the right arrow button on the multi selector to see a
  5. preview of the selected image
  6. Press the OK button to create a black and white copy of the original image

See page 154 of the manual for more details. Happy shooting!