Nikon D3100 Photo & Video Resource

Tutorials & Advice for the Nikon D3100


  1. Moose’s Nikon D3100 Cheat Cards – These nifty little cheat sheets tell you exactly which Settings and Modes to use with your Nikon D3100 for a variety of Subjects and Scenes!
  2. Landscape Photography Settings for the Nikon D3100 – Get a firsthand look at my process for shooting landscapes with the Nikon D3100. I’ll show you the settings I used, along with some hidden tips and tricks that can help improve your landscape photography.
  3. Focus Modes and Focus Points – Learn how to enable the right focus modes and points to capture razor sharp images with pinpoint focus.
  4. Portrait Scene Modes – Get out of Auto mode and learn how to use dedicated portrait scene modes to capture eye-popping, jaw-dropping portraits.
  5. Shooting in Black & White – Learn how to shoot in black and white.
  6. Scene & Guide Modes – Before jumping head first into Aperture priority, Shutter priority or Manual mode, check out the available Scene modes and Guide modes on the Nikon D3100.


  1. Memory Card Compatibility & Recommendations – Take a look at my notes which attempt to answer all of the questions and concerns faced when purchasing a memory card for the Nikon D3100. I’ll shed some light on compatible memory cards, specific requirements for HD recording, the number of images you can expect to take, estimated movie recording times and other important info.
  2. Raynox Macro Adapter – I received some questions about the Raynox DCR-250 macro adapter and decided to take a couple pictures with it attached to the D3100.