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Canon G12 Quick Guide: Tips & Resources for Beginners

Canon G12 Tips & Resources

Manual: Download the official Canon G12 PDF manual (provided by Canon).

Approved Memory Cards & Capacity: The Canon G12 is compatible with SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMCplus and HC MMCplus memory cards.

Card Size No. of Images (Fine) No. of Images (RAW) Min. of Video (720p)
8GB 3,013 572 51 min
16GB 6,026 1,144 102 min
32GB 12,052 2,288 204 min

Battery Life & Charger Info:

Compatible Charger Compatible Battery Battery Life
Canon CB-2LZ Canon NB-7L 370 shots

Recommended Bags & Cases: The Canon G12 is 4.41″ long by 3.0″ tall by 1.9″ wide. Here are the best cases and bags that fit the G12 like a glove.

All Purpose Compact/Rugged Stylish Underwater
Santiago 30
Canon PSC5100
Leather Case
Canon WP-DC34
Underwater Housing

Filter Size & Adapters: The Canon G12 can accept 58mm filters with the help of the Canon FA-DC58B adapter. Here are my recommended filters.

58mm UV 58mm Polarizer 58mm ND 3 Stop 58mm ND 10 Stop
B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya

Compatible External Speedlites (Flashes):

Portable All Purpose Powerful Professional
Canon 270EX II Canon 320EX Canon 430EX II Canon 580EX II

Compatible Accessories:

Remote Tele-converter Lens Conversion Lens Adapter HDMI Cable
Canon RS60-E3 wired remote Canon TC-DC58D 1.4x Canon LA-DC58K Canon HTC-100 HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable

Initial Setup:

Setting Selection Manual
Highest Image Size & Quality Select JPEG (L) or RAW Pg. 78
Highest Image Quality Compression Select FINE Pg. 79
ISO (Outdoors/Bright Light) Select an ISO of 80 Pg. 82
ISO (Indoors/Low Light) Select Auto or Manually Set between 400 to 3200 Pg. 82
White Balance Select Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Flash, Underwater or Custom Pg. 84

Cool Effects:

Effect Selection Manual
Shoot in Black and White FUNC/SET → My Colors → Black & White (BW) Pg. 87
Increase Color Saturation FUNC/SET → My Colors → Vivid (V) Pg. 87
Subject in Color/Background Black & White SCN Mode → FUNC/SET → Color Accent (icon: Eyedropper+A) Pg. 113
Swap Color with Another SCN Mode → FUNC/SET → Color Swap (icon: Eyedropper+S) Pg. 114
Panoramic Shots SCN mode → FUNC/SET → Stitch Assist (icon: Box w/ left or right arrow) Pg. 116

Better Control & Performance:

Setting Selection Manual
Close-ups Select Macro Mode (left arrow) Pg. 77
Quick burst of shots FUNC/SET → Drive Mode → Continuous (icon: three boxes) Pg. 86
Imprint the Time & Date MENU → Shooting tab (camera icon) → Date Stamp Pg. 60
Include Yourself in the Photo Select the Self-Timer (down arrow) Pg. 56

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