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Fuji HS10 HD Video Sample

Howdy friends! I got a ton of requests to shoot some HD video with the Fuji HS10, so here you go…

Before you press play…

  • I thought the HD video quality on the HS10 was quite good.
  • The microphone is very sensitive and picked up sounds of me zooming. The placement of the mic is right next to the zooming lens barrel, so it’s very hard to rotate the lens without making any noise.
  • It’s almost impossible to zoom smoothly while recording video. I tried many different zooming speeds, but rotating the lens barrel fast gave me the best results.
  • When zooming in from wide-angle to full telephoto, the auto-focus took about a second to lock focus.
  • When zooming out from full telephoto to wide-angle, the auto-focus took less than half a second to lock focus.

I’m not a videographer by any means, but this will give you an idea of the HD video quality on the Fuji HS10 (Watch on YouTube: Fuji HS10 HD Video Sample).

If you have any specific questions related to HD video recording on the Fuji HS10, go ahead and leave me a comment to this post. Happy shooting!