GGS LCD Screen Protector Recommendation

The GGS screen protector, not only protects your LCD from everyday use, but it also protects it from hard dings and dents.

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I’ve always preferred car seats without covers, fountain drinks without lids and pens without caps. However, I finally gave in and decided to protect my LCD screen, in hopes of preventing scratches and chips.

Most of the screen protectors I tried were made out of cheap plastic film. I wanted a better solution.

Enter GGS. One day I was browsing a photography forum and saw some people talking about the GGS screen protectors and decided to give it a go. .

Instead of a flimsy piece of film with a sticky side, the GGS proved to be a solid piece of optical glass. Installation was super simple thanks to it’s rigidness and a sticky outer edge.

GGS LCD Screen Protector - © Copyright

These days, every DSLR in my arsenal gets equipped with one of these protectors.


Material – Optical Glass

Light Transmittance – 90%. The brightness of the LCD screen is not affected in any way.

Thickness – 0.5mm. The thickness does not interfere with normal operation. You may not even notice that it’s there once it’s been applied to your screen.

Installation – The outer edge has a very thin piece of double sided sticky tape. This is helpful when applying to the LCD because you don’t have to worry about lint or dirt sticking to the middle of the screen. The rigidness of the protector eliminates any chance of air bubbles and makes it easy to line up with the LCD screen.

GGS LCD Screen Protector - © copyright

Removal – To remove the screen protector, just take a toothpick or plastic knife and lift the outer edge. With a very small amount of pressure the screen protector will come off the screen. As mentioned above, the outer edge has a thin piece of sticky tape so you don’t have to worry about your LCD screen inheriting sticky film or residue.


GGS protectors are affordable, your screen isn’t.

Over time your screen will develop scratches and dings, no matter how careful you are. This can lead to decreased visibility and imperfections when viewing images in playback mode.

If you want protection and peace of mind, get yourself a GGS screen protector and in the words of Donnie Brasco (IMDB)…”Forget about it!”

GGS LCD Screen Protector - © copyright

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If you have questions about the GGS LCD screen protector feel free to ask me inside the general discussion forum and I’ll get back to you lickety split. Check out the recommendations page for more tips and advice on my favorite gear. Happy shooting!