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Canon SX210 IS Quick Guide: Tips & Resources for Beginners

Canon SX210 IS Tips & Resources

Manual: Download the official Canon SX210 IS PDF manual (provided by Canon).

Approved Memory Cards & Capacity: The Canon SX210 IS is compatible with SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC memory cards with a Class 4 rating or higher.

Card Size No. of Images (Fine) Min. of Video (720p)
8GB 2,116 42 min
16GB 4,232 84 min
32GB 8,464 168 min

Battery Life & Charger Info:

Compatible Charger Compatible Battery Battery Life
Canon CB-2LX Canon NB-5L 260 shots

Recommended Cases: The Canon SX210 IS is 4.06″ long by 2.4″ tall by 1″ wide. Here are the best cases and bags that fit the SX210 like a glove.

All Purpose Compact Stylish Durable
Case Logic
Case Logic
Case Logic
Case Logic

Filter Size and Adapters: The Canon SX210 IS can accept 58mm filters with the help of a KiwiFoto LA-58SX210T lens adapter. Here are my recommended filters.

58mm UV 58mm Polarizer 58mm ND 3 Stop 58mm ND 10 Stop
B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya

Compatible External Flash:

Portable Flash Canon HF-DC1 (attaches via tripod mount / fires when built-in flash fires)

Compatible Accessories:

HDMI Cable HTC-100 HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable for HDTV photo/video playback

Initial Setup:

Setting Selection Manual
Highest Image Size & Quality Select JPEG (L) Pg. 73
Highest Image Quality Compression Select FINE Pg. 73
White Balance Select Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent or Manual Pg. 75

Cool Effects:

Effect Selection Manual
Shoot in Black and White FUNC/SET → My Colors → B/W Pg. 77
Increase Color Saturation FUNC/SET → My Colors → V Pg. 77
Subject in Color/Background Black & White SCN Mode → FUNC/SET → Color Accent (icon: Eyedropper+A) Pg. 97
Swap Color with Another SCN Mode → FUNC/SET → Color Swap (icon: Eyedropper+S) Pg. 98
Panoramic Shots SCN Mode → FUNC/SET → Stitch Assist (icon: Box w/ left or right arrow) Pg. 100

Better control and performance:

Setting Selection Manual
Close-ups Select Macro Mode (left arrow) Pg. 71
Quick burst of shots (tutorial) FUNC/SET → Drive Mode → Continuous (icon: three boxes) Pg. 76
Imprint the Time & Date MENU → Shooting tab (icon : camera) → Date Stamp Pg. 67
Include Yourself in the Photo Select the Self-Timer (down arrow) Pg. 68