Canon T2i Camera Bag Advice

Howdy friends! I wanted to point out a few cases and bags that work really well with the Canon Rebel T2i.

Canon T2i with the Caselogic SLR Zoom Holster (SLRC-201) - © copyright

There are basically three types of bags (cases) to choose from…

  1. Storage
  2. Compact
  3. Travel

Canon T2i Storage Bag

Storage bags are great for keeping all of your equipment (cables, manuals, software, batteries, memory cards, lens hoods, external flash, etc…) in one place, which is great for organization. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “lost” an accessory because they were scattered all over the place.

I really love the new Case Logic Medium SLR Camera Bag.

Canon T2i with the Caselogic Medium SLR Bag (SLRC-202) - © copyright

This case is built very well. It comes with a “hammock” craddle to suspend your T2i above the bottom of case, which creates some space for impact protection. It also has a waterproof base that keeps the case above earthly elements, like wet pavement or beach sand.

The interior is lined with memory foam for increased protection of your T2i.

You’ll find two compartments on the side of the case, which are great from storing lenses, cables, an external flash, extra batteries, etc… There is even a zippered area in the front and back which are great for storing memory cards and your T2i user manual.

This case can be carried around from location to location, but if you plan on strapping it around your shoulder for a day of shooting I would consider upgrading the shoulder strap. The strap that comes included with this case is a basic 1 inch wide strap that doesn’t provide any level of comfort, especially if you have it around your neck or shoulder all day.

Canon has their own branded storage bag (the 200DG) that can hold the Rebel T2i and multiple lenses, speedlights, filters, batteries, etc…

Canon T2i Compact Case

While storage bags are great for organization, they can be large and a bit difficult to lug around. If you plan on walking around all day then I highly recommend the Case Logic SLR Camera Holster. This is a wonderful compact solution when all you want is something big enough to protect your T2i, kit lens (or 50mm lens) and hold an extra battery or memory card. This is a holster style case, so your T2i will actually face downward which makes it easy to grab in a moments notice.

Canon T2i with the Caselogic SLR Camera Holster (SLRC-200) - © copyright

Many of the same build qualities from the Case Logic Medium SLR Camera Bag are found in this smaller SLR holster case. The interior is lined with memory foam for added impact protection. The base is made out of a rigid waterproof material to keep your case high enough above the ground while keeping your T2i dry and clean. I can’t tell you how many times I brought a camera bag to a sporting event or a concert, only to find that I sat it down in a pool of liquid.

There is also a small storage compartment in the front of the case which can hold a couple memory cards and an extra set of batteries.

Canon T2i Compact ZOOM Case

If you need a compact case for the T2i and a longer zoom lens, then you can get the slightly larger Case Logic SLR Zoom Holster which has many of the same features as the smaller holster case, but with the added suspension system which keeps your lens and camera elevated from the bottom of the bag.

Canon T2i with the Caselogic SLR Zoom Holster (SLRC-201) - © copyright

Canon T2i Travel Bag

Travel Bags are great for portability and comfort. I prefer the holster type bags where the T2i is face down, making it easier to grab in a moments notice. My favorite travel bag is the Caselogic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling.

Canon T2i with the Caselogic SLR Sling (SLRC-205) - © copyright

It’s sort of like a backpack, but it can be rotated to your side so you can unzip and remove the T2i very quickly.

Case Logic Camera Bag for Canon T2i

This bag has enough room for the Canon T2i with the kit lens attached, plus it can also hold a larger Canon EF-S 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens in the pocket above the holster.

Case Logic Camera Bag for Canon T2i Lens

You’ll also find three small pockets to hold filters, batteries, and extra memory cards.

Case Logic Camera Bag for Canon T2i Accessories

If that isn’t enough, there’s even a tripod strap on the outside of the sling to secure any averaged sized tripod.

Case Logic Camera Bag for Canon T2i Tripod

Over the years, I’ve found that a travel bag like the Caselogic SLRC-205 also serves as an excellent storage solution.

If you have any questions about the Canon T2i bags and cases mentioned above, just add a comment to this post and I’ll get back to you lickety split! Happy shooting!