Canon T3i · 600D Photo & Video Resource

Canon T3i How To’s & Tricks

In-depth How To’s and Tutorials

  1. Capturing images in Black and White with the T3i – In-depth article with step-by-step instructions for enabling B&W on the T3i.

Settings and Techniques

  1. Moose’s Canon T3i (600D) Cheat Cards – These nifty little cheat sheets tell you exactly which Settings and Modes to use with your Canon T3i for a variety of Subjects and Scenes!
  2. Shooting at an outdoor event with mixed lighting – Settings and tips for photographing an outdoor event.
  3. Photographing subjects in the dark and from a distance – Resolving low light focusing issues and lengthening the depth of field to get everything in focus.
  4. Using Auto Exposure Bracketing for HDR – How to use the AEB feature to take multiple exposures for an HDR composition.
  5. Beginners wedding setup – Starter lenses, gear and settings for first time wedding photographer on a budget.

Lenses and Gear

  1. Lens for baby shots and family portraits – Recommended starter lens for baby and family portraits.

Technical Issues

  1. Show photos on my laptop right after they’re taken – Best methods for transferring photos to a laptop or computer immediately after they’re taken.
  2. Strange stutter when panning during HD video recording – Solutions for fixing choppy (stuttering) video while panning during a movie recording.