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Fuji HS10 Quick Guide: Tips & Resources for Beginners

Fuji HS10 Tips & Resources

Manual: Download the official Fuji HS10 PDF manual (provided by Fujifilm).

Approved Memory Cards & Capacity: The Fuji HS10 is compatible with SD and SDHC memory cards with a class 6 rating or higher.

Card Size No. of Images (Fine) No. of Images (RAW) Min. of Video (1080p)
8GB 3,190 510 78 min
16GB 6,380 1,020 156 min
32GB 12,760 2,040 312 min

Battery Life & Charger Info:

Compatible Charger Compatible Battery Battery Life
AA NiMH Charger AA NiMH 400 shots

Recommended Bags & Cases: The Fuji HS10 is 5.1″ long by 3.6″ tall by 5.0″ wide. Here are the best cases and bags that fit the HS10 like a glove.

All Purpose Compact/Rugged Stylish Travel
Apex 110 AW
5 Million Dollar
Messenger Bag
Case Logic
Sling Bag

Filter Size & Adapters: The Fuji HS10 can accept 58mm filters. Here are my favorites.

58mm UV 58mm Polarizer 58mm ND 3 Stop 58mm ND 10 Stop
B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya, Tiffen B+W, Hoya

Compatible External Speedlites (Flashes): The Fuji HS10 requires external flashes with trigger voltages no higher than 50v. For more info, see my in-depth flash write-up here.

All Purpose Flash Vivitar 285HV

Initial Setup:

Setting Selection Manual
Largest Image Size Select L or RAW Pg. 85/112
Highest Image Quality Compression Select FINE Pg. 86
ISO (Outdoors/Bright Light) Select an ISO of 100 Pg. 48
ISO (Indoors/Low Light) Select Auto or Manually Set between 400 to 3200 Pg. 48
White Balance Select Sunlight, Shade, Incandescent, Fluorescent or Custom Pg. 53

Cool Effects:

Effect Selection Manual
Shoot in Black and White MENU/OK → Shooting Menu tab → FinePix Color → Black & White Pg. 87
Increase Color Saturation MENU/OK → Shooting Menu tab → FinePix Color → Chrome Pg. 87
More Dynamic Range for High Contrast Scenes MENU/OK → Shooting Menu tab → Dynamic Range Pg. 86
Capture subject movements in a single shot Adv. Mode → MENU/OK → Multi Motion Capture Pg. 23
Panoramic Shots (tutorial) Rotate dial to Panorama mode Pg. 27

Better Control & Performance:

Setting Selection Manual
Close-ups (tutorial) Select Macro Mode (left arrow) Pg. 37
Quick burst of shots Press Continuous Shooting button (near thumb rest) → Top 7 (icon: camera w/ letter H) Pg. 43
Include Yourself in the Photo Select the Self-Timer (down arrow) Pg. 40

Firmware Updates: Fujifilm released a firmware update (Version 1.04) for the HS10 which fixes an array of issues. Check out my write-up here for more info.

Sample Photos & Videos: You can check out my sample shots here and my HD video sample here.